Marilla Highway Department


The Marilla Highway Department is responsible for 13.61 miles of town roads. This includes sweeping, mowing, snow plowing, and any maintenance of these roads. The department also snow plows 47.96 lane miles of Erie County Roads. The Highway Superintendent oversees the Sanitation Department, the Town Park, and all Town Buildings. The department currently employs six full-time employees and several seasonal, part-time employees. The town currently has in use two sanitation trucks for garbage collection and three trucks for snow removal on town and county roads.

Disposal of U.S. Flags
Residents wishing to dispose of their worn United States Flags may do so by leaving them out on their regular garbage day in a separate bag or container. The Town of Marilla will dispose of them in the proper ceremonial manner.

Mark Your Containers: “SAVE”
Please write the word, “SAVE” on any container you do not want taken during cleanup as the town WILL NOT be responsible for containers without this marking, nor will the town replace any items put at roadside in error. For further information, you may contact Ronald Unverdorben Highway/ Sanitation Superintendent.

Our Team

Ronald Unverdorben

Highway/Sanitation Superintendent